Jean-Michel Prouvaire

Typist: 'Ponine R
Birthdate: 16 June 1811
Hometown: Not known.
Appearance: About 5'10" in height, thin and almost gangly, long light brown hair worn in a neat ponytail, sparkling deep blue eyes with a lively green tinge, soft and slightly girlish facial features, fair-skinned, charming, has a really cute smile, dresses REALLY badly, looks just like his twin sister Marie (which should explain his slightly girlish appearance).
Parents: Lucien and Dominique. Though Jehan's mother was beautiful and kind, his father was nothing short of a tyrant, didn't like his son and constantly yelled at him, which is probably why Jehan is so timid.
Siblings: Marie-Françoise Prouvaire (twin sister). Still unmarried despite her father's wishes. Very close to Jehan, secretly kept in contact with her brother even after he was disowned.
Significant Others: Marguerite (not to be confused with the SP lady) and a few others (he's NOT tellin').
Webpage: None
Appears In: Nothing yet.
Other Info: Very nice fellow. Kind, gentle, considerate, extremely shy (sometimnes dreamy)and reserved, always blushing for 'no reason', speaks softly, doesn't like too much attention, mild-tempered, outwardly a mouse but inside, a lion. He reads a lot of literature, is multi-lingual, loves flowers and writes beautiful poetry. Helps out with his typist's literature assignments. Enjoys listening to musicals and watching classic movies. His favorites are Gone With The Wind, La Traviata, Phantom Of The Opera, The Scarlet Pimpernel and of course, Les Miserables. He loves being called 'Jehan'. Was well-educated and brought up in a wealthy home, and posted to Paris to study. There, he met Marguerite, who became his steady and Combeferre, who introduced him to the ABC Friends. Soon his tyrannical father learned about his son's political involvement and angrily disowned him. The family was ordered to forget about Jehan, but Marie still wrote letters to her brother in secret. After his untimely death at the barricades, Jehan magically turned up in his typist's house one day, and now stays with her and sleeps in the living room. Still walks around in his ancient clothes and stuff from the costume shop (French 19th century section). Unwillingly draws stares. He adjusts quite well to his weirdo typist and current tropically hot surroundings. He doesn't go out with his typist much, for fear that he would be mistaken for her 'boyfriend'. He follows the typist and her family on holidays (which means we're all used to each other). He likes living here, but misses his life in Paris. Though he knows it's rather impossible, he hopes to see his mother, sister, friends and Marguerite again.

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