Etienne Julien Combeferre

Typist: Cillabub
Birthdate: December 1, 1805, although his saint-day (St. Etienne) is December 26.
Hometown: Marseille, France
Appearance: Rather pale skin, inherited from his father's side of the family. Thick, dark brown hair, which he keeps long, and invariably tied back in a ponytail. Gray eyes, with small, elegant little spectacles (for both near and farsightedness: he is quite blind :-)), and he is also quite short (about five foot seven-and-a-half inches). About 140 pounds, slight in build, with an endearingly heart-shaped face.
Parents: Charles and Marie-Charlotte Combeferre. His father is a merchant, who inherited this line of work from his father and expects to pass it on to his son in time, when Etienne has dispelled these foolish notions of medical school and practicing law. His mother is rather frail, but is wholly devoted to her son's well-being.
Siblings: Younger fraternal twin siblings: Ophelie Yolande and Marlon Narcisse. Ophelie is practically doted-upon by her elder brother Etienne, while Marlon is rather mentally unstable, and a Royalist to boot, thus making him somewhat unpleasant towards Etienne. It's a mutual distaste.
Significant Others: Hmmm. That's a tough one. Etienne himself claims he has no need for a mistress, but perhaps this is owing to his far-too-obvious infatuation with his best friend, Marcelin Enjolras. Enjolras seems to tolerate this crush without complaint, but he himself doesn't seem to show any particular romantic interest in Etienne. On occasion, Etienne prefers to take up with the female Enjolraic counterpart, Raisa-Emilie.
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Appears In: All of Cilla's strange parodies, many, many, /many/ unfinished stories, "February 14", in which he shows his Raisa-preferring side, and "Measles", in which he shows his Marcelin-preferring side.
Other Info: A trustworthy and mature young man, Etienne has excellent judgment, although he is a somewhat whimsical thinker. His easy-going nature allows him to get along with most everyone, and often forces him to be the go-between when his friends have fierce arguments. He is quite intelligent, and enjoys his studies, particularly those involving nature or human-interest issues. He studies both law and medicine at University, and also takes philosophy, quote, "for fun". His hobbies include chess, reading, writing in hieroglyphs, studying, and engaging in political discussions; he reads/writes in several languages: French (obviously), Latin, Greek, and ancient Phoenician and Egyptian hieroglyphics. An animal lover and self-described "bookworm", Combeferre's gentle personality perfectly compliments that of his best friend, Enjolras. It is notable that he is perhaps the only one of Les Amis to gain Enjolras's friendship and implicit trust.

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