Leopold Combeferre

Typist: Lady Amberjo
Birthdate: July 12, 1807
Hometown: Nice, not far from the Enjolras and Courfeyrac families
Appearance: About medium height, slightly broader-than average shoulders, shiny brown hair pulled back with a dark blue ribbon (some always escapes to half-hide one eye), intelligent yet gentle storm-gray eyes, wire glasses, and a sweet smile. All in all, a really friendly-looking guy.
Parents: Christophe and Corrine Combeferre; he has a closer relationship with his mother than his father.
Siblings: An older brother named Michel and a younger sister named Delphine, both of whom he gets along with very well...his typist envies him.
Significant Others: Depends on the twisted state of mind of his typist. Often, Nicolas René Enjolras. Sometimes, Enjolras' cousin Thérèse.
Email/IM: Borrows his typist's
Webpage: He loves computers, but is still working on his HTML skills so he can get his own page. Occasionally his typist lets him use sections of her odd pages.
Appears In: a whole bunch of stories that his typist needs to get off her lazy butt and finish
Other Info: Léopold grew up with his friends Nicolas Enjolras and Maximilien Courfeyrac, with Claude Grantaire living nearby. Apparently the Combeferre family, Courfeyrac family, and Enjolras family were friendly with each other. He currently lives with his typist, along with a crowd of other revolutionaries. He is usually the one left in charge when his typist leaves the house. Otherwise, she might come home to chaos and mass destruction. He has recently learned how to surf the web... finds it utterly enlightening... and will probably have his own page sometime soon.

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