Antoine Julien Enjolras

("Antoine the Younger")

Typist: Sam Russell
Birthdate: 28 July 1809
Hometown: Lectoure, Gers
Appearance: Very tall, more than 6 feet though there is some dispute about exact height. Antoine says 6'4. Curly blond hair and sharp features which can be as stern as any Enjolras you could care to name. Dark blue eyes, but he also has a warmer smile than most and dimples.
Parents: Both parents are living, but not very nice people. His father is homophobic. He sent Enjolras to school in Paris when he was only 13 years old because he thought he was fey.
Siblings: None
Significant Others: Marone Grantaire
Email/IM: Yahoo! IM: duet_enjy
Le Café: Duet_Enjy!
Webpage: None of his own, though his story is online at the typist's homepage:
Appears In: Duet for Orestes and Pylades; Le Café RPs: "Freaky Friday Revolution" and "Teenage Mutant Psycho Killer Crossovers"
Other Info: Antoine is a true only child. When he was sent away to school in Paris, he was so shy and so traumatised, he withdrew completely socially. Eventually his natural compassion for those less fortunate than he encouraged him to rebuild himself and meet the world as the Enjolras we would recognize from the novel. He broke down one night and entered into a clandestine relationship with Marone Grantaire. No one but Combeferre knows about it, and it is a closely guarded secret. He fears the opinions of his other friends and does not wish news to travel back to his father. He is determined not to let this or anything interfere with his plans to help France. In many ways, Antoine is terribly naive. He has a quirky sense of humor. The poor boy is destined to die as Pere Hugo wanted.

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