Marone Grantaire

Typist: Rabbit
Birthdate: 11 November, 1808
Hometown: Bordeaux, there-near.
Appearance: Diabolically handsome for a Grantaire. Iron-dark curly hair, a perpetually scandalous expression, dark brown eyes. Over-all appearance-- rumpled and bemused. Typically cradling the curve of a bottle of indiscernible liquor.
Parents: Father: Ignace-Etienne, an ex-Bonapartist soldier who made his fortune during the peninsular campaign in Spain. This may have had something to do with the fact that his commander was Andre Massene; notorious for allowing his troops to take whatever liberties they wished with the conquered lands. He did opt back with Napoleon during the Hundred Days, but quickly threw in with the Bourbons, made many wise investments, married the favorite of his mistresses (2 sons later) and lives happily ever after in marmotry.
Mother: Helene Valentine Grantaire-- a shrewd buisiness-woman and the daughter of merchant nobility; fiercely clever, slight bent towards astrology and things of an esoteric nature.
Siblings: 1 legitimate brother: Blaise Valentine Grantaire, born in 1804; now a privateer; raiding British merchant ships. Numerous illegitimate older siblings, of whom we only know of one, a half-Spanish sister named Sylvanie.
Significant Others: Antoine Enjolras the younger. As for offspring-- barring acts of God, none of those.
Appears In: Duet for Orestes and Pylades; Grantaire Drinks From Prouvaire's Bottle; various Le Café RPs.
Other Info: Full name is Marone Vincient Ignace Etienne Grantaire. You can look at a pic of him here. He's got a marked poetical bent, is an excellent pool player, and is very fond of the 20th century... he, however, fully intends to participate in the death described in the novel. In the mean time, he is enjoying the good life. And he is very, very nice to his typist.

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