Marcelin Enjolras

Typist: Abby Goutal
Birthdate: 10th April, 1808
Hometown: Not known
Appearance: Tall, fair hair, blue eyes, better-looking than anyone has a right to be.
Parents: Regine and Laurent, generally a disagreeable pair, but oh so well-mannered.
Siblings: Julie (b. 1812), Chantal (b. 1816), Elisabeth "Elise" (b. 1820)
Significant Others: Not bloody likely. On the other hand, he's not the misogynist that some of his namesakes are.
Webpage: Not available
Appears In: June First, 1832, Christmas With My Brother, various snippets and roleplays
Other Info: Blunt to a fault, headstrong, and somewhat naive, but mostly quite a pleasant fellow, for an Enjolras. Marcelin is diminutive of Marc-Gilbert, unless it's not.

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