Chantal Marie Enjolras

Typist: Abby Goutal
Birthdate: November, 1816
Hometown: Wherever Enjolras is from.
Appearance: Small, slight, delicate, with black hair and wide violet eyes. Not what you'd call pretty, but elfinly cute.
Parents: Regine and Laurent.
Siblings: Marcelin (b. 1808), Julie (b. 1812), Elise (b. 1820)
Significant Others: In one reality, Combeferre; elsewise, none.
Webpage: None at the moment.
Appears In: Christmas With My Brother, Turning, The Saga of Christian Caron
Other Info: Odd child out in a family of tall, blond, cold-blooded socialites, and absolutely devoted to her brother, as he to her. Usually quiet and unassuming, but capable of surprising acts of defiance, of which "Caron" is an outstanding example.

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