The Ladies' Auxiliary

"Enjolras suffers for his greatness, which binds him to widowhood. The rest of us have all, more or less, mistresses who make fools of us, that is to say braves. When we are as amorous as a tiger the least we can do is to fight like a lion. It is a way of avenging ourselves for the tricks which Mesdames our grisettes play us.... all our heroisms come from our women." --Bossuet

"We boast that women have not received the education of men, we prevent them from reading, we prevent them from thinking, we prevent them from interesting themselves in politics; will you prevent them from going tonight to the Morgue and identifying your corpses?" --Combeferre

"There are six of you, what is that to me? You are men. Now, I am a woman.... This summer, I shall be hungry; this winter, I shall be cold.... I, I am not afraid of anything!" --Eponine

The GCDR Ladies' Auxiliary exists for the purpose of uniting lovers, sisters, and wives of Les Amis with their menfolk and each other. Register here.

Name: Typist:
Boudreau, Gabrielle Birgitte Kelly Preeper
Chιnιvier, Musichetta-Austine Lonely Gamine
Damon, Brooke Christine Jordan
de Coeur, Musichetta Vera
Dubois, Musichetta Laura Waterstripe
Enjolras, Chantal Marie Abby Goutal
Enjolras, Michelle Becca Courfeyrac
Grantaire, Jeanne Laura Waterstripe
Grantaire, Valeska Stelmaczyk Jeni Baron
Guyon, Therese Krista Lindemann
Lancret, Tanya Maria
Lasaudraye, Eliese Rabbit
Latour, Marie-Madeleine Abby Goutal
LeClerk, Marguerite Becca Courfeyrac
Ouest, Elisabeth Henrietta Jeni Baron
Paillard, Genevieve Whitney Buckley
Stelmaczyk, Jolanta Jeni Baron
Veron, Marie-Noelle Becca Courfeyrac

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