Gabrielle Birgitte Boudreau

Typist: Kelly Preeper
Birthdate: December 14th, 1812
Hometown: Paris
Appearance: Thin and petite, but with the right curves in the right places, Gabrielle is fair-complected, with dark brown hair, and interesting golden brownish eyes. Her hair curls three-quarters of the way to her waist, and she is blessed with expressive eyebrows and a remarkably stubborn chin. She smiles plenty, laughs often, and always has a wink at the ready.
Parents: Gabby takes her middle name from her mother, an unremarkable and frail but loving woman who died while Gabrielle was still only a child. Her father preferred to be addressed as "sir" often as not, and was not much worth noting, except as an example of how not to be a father. He manages to drink himelf into a stupor and freeze to death on his front stair, and no one really minds that much.
Siblings: One brother, Michael), who acted as her childhood protector, and died in an accidental fall from a horse at age 18.
Significant Others: A long relation ship with Bahorel, which began as "not exclusive" falling in and out of bed, and somehow managed to turn into far more. Also an extremely drunken (on both parts) one-night-stand with a certain medical student.
Email/IM: None
Webpage: None
Appears In: Many and varied roleplays at inside the web, several unfinished fics.
Other Info: Gabby is kind, friendly, outgoing, and a bit of a flirt. She generally has a ready laugh and a good sense of humour, but she rather cherishes a grudge. Waitress at le Musain.

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