Genevieve Paillard

Typist: Whitney Buckley
Birthdate: 29th February, 1812
Hometown: Paris
Appearance: Small and plump. 4'11 or 5'. Long straight brown hair and big hazel eyes. She broke her nose trying to fly off the roof of her house when she was five, so it is a bit crooked. Also has a small scar just under her lower lip from that fall.
Parents: Quentin and Blanche Paillard. Blanche is dead. Stepmother's name is Hortense.
Siblings: Older brother named Henri Paillard. Younger brother named Saul.
Significant Others: Marries Theodore Combeferre just before they go to the barricade.
Email/IM: None
Webpage: None
Appears In: Various fanfics
Other Info: "She was one of the girls who refused to leave the barricade. She would not leave her brother Henri or her husband of about 48 hours."

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