Musichetta de Coeur

Typist: Vera
Birthdate: April 24, 1809
Hometown: Paris
Appearance: Plump and curvy figure with small, delicate hands and feet, very thick black hair, and dark, mysterious eyes, like a gypsy. In fact, she is 1/4 gypsy though her maternal grandmother.
Parents: Musichetta is the illegitimate daughter of Desdemona, a part-time fortune-teller who had a brief and unsuccessful career as an actress, and later supported herself by taking a series of rich lovers. Her father was Louis Devivier, a mediocre and unsuccessful musician, last seen playing violin between acts in one of Paris' seedier theaters.
Siblings: None surviving.
Significant Others: Most often the mistress of Matthieu Joly, when she's not pouting because he never buys her any pretty presents, or flirting with one of his friends, or looking for a lover with more money.
Email/IM: "What, me type my own email?! And mess up my pretty little fingernails! You must be joking!"
Webpage: None
Appears In: None available.
Other Info: Musichetta de Coeur is not the name she was born with, but the only one she will answer to now. She was mainly raised by her grandmother, a full-blooded gypsy, gifted with the Sight. Granny does quite a good business telling fortunes by reading palms and tarot cards. Musichetta inherited a little of this talent, but mainly makes her living selling love potions and charms. She met Joly while trying to put a spell on him for one of her friends. Guess it kind of backfired. :-) Although she is frequently frustrated that he has no money and prefers to spend his time working among the poor than becoming the rich doctor she dreamed he'd be, Joly really is the love of her life.

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