"Enjolras was a charming young man, who was capable of being terrible. He was angelically beautiful. He was Antinous wild. You would have said, to see the thoughtful reflection of his eye, that he had already, in some preceding existence, passed through the revolutionary apocalypse. He had the tradition of it like an eyewitness. He knew all the little details of the grand thing, a pontifical and warrior nature, strange in a youth. He was officiating and militant; from the immediate point of view, a soldier of democracy; above the movement of the time, a priest of the ideal.... Like certain young men of the beginning of this century and the end of the last century, who became illustrious in early life, he had an exceedingly youthful look, as fresh as a young girl's, although he had hours of pallor. He was now a man, but he seemed a child still. His twenty-two years of age appeared seventeen; he was serious, he did not seem to know that there was on the earth a being called woman. He had but one passion, the right; but one thought, to remove all obstacles.... He was severe in his pleasures. Before everything but the republic, he chastely dropped his eyes. He was the marble lover of liberty. His speech was roughly inspired and had the tremor of a hymn. He astonished you by his soaring. Woe to the love affair that should venture to intrude upon him!"

Name: Typist:
Adrien Enjolras Alan-Arnaud Enjolras
Alan-Arnaud Enjolras Rabbit
Andre Enjolras Katharine
Antoine David Enjolras Laurel
Antoine Julien Enjolras "the Younger" Sam Russell
Antoine René Enjolras Katharine
Chrétien Enjolras Quiara
Damian Valentin Enjolras Citizeness Arielle
David Enjolras Becca Courfeyrac
Edouard Enjolras Rabbit
Gabriel Enjolras Abby Goutal
Josef Enjolras Kate
Julien Enjolras Cass Eros
Julien Enjolras Catherine Lafontaine
Lafayette Valiant Enjolras Anne Page
Lucien Enjolras Amy Hunt
Marcelin Enjolras Abby Goutal
Marcelin Enjolras Quiara
Marcelin Enjolras Adrienne Florian
Marcelin Enjolras Lonely Gamine
Marcelin Q. Enjolras Jace
Maurice Enjolras Sam Russell
Michel Antoine Vincent Enjolras Citizeness Arielle
Michel Victor Enjolras Sam Russell
Nicolas René Enjolras Lady Amberjo
Raisa-Émilie Enjolras Jeni Baron
Enjolras the Revolutionary Ghost Ursula