Gabriel Enjolras

Typist: Abby Goutal
Birthdate: June 12, 1809
Hometown: Somewhere near Marseilles.
Appearance: Tall and slender as befits an Enjolras, but a touch more sturdily built and broad-shouldered than his counterpart Marcelin the First. Hair truly gold and tending to curl a little, eyes of cornflower blue, absolutely adorable, and not unaware of the fact.
Parents: Richard Enjolras, businessman of as-yet-unspecified interests, and Lydie Lafontaine; both very nice people, if inclined to be overindulgent. Papa is of a solemn disposition, but kindly; maman is something of a romantic, and slightly flighty. They are utterly devoted to their son; and also, be it noted, have passed on to him their political inclinations.
Siblings: None -- unless you count his mother's semi-clandestine love child, Matthieu Grantaire. He doesn't.
Significant Others: None -- though he shows a distressing tendency to take notice of girls.
Email/IM: N/A
Webpage: None yet.
Appears In: Roleplays, so far.
Other Info: Gabriel is indisputably spoiled, but fortunately, not usually a brat. In fact, he's possessed of quite a sweet nature as a rule, and devastating charm when he chooses, which is often. However, when he's annoyed enough he can be thoroughly vicious, and Grantaire brings out the worst in him.

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