Matthieu Grantaire

Typist: Quiara
Birthdate: March 6, 1802
Hometown: born on a secluded estate, raised in the proverbial South of France
Appearance: He's tall, dark, and broad-shouldered, but this is insufficient to make him handsome. His nose and ears are too delicate for the rest of his face; they could be said to come from his mother, while his shrewd eyes and nearly permanently skeptical expression reflect his father. They do not add up to make a charming young man.
Parents: Donatien Grantaire, a sergeant in the King's Army, and Lydie Lafontaine. He died in battle before she knew she was pregnant. She had the child away from home; no one but her parents and an aunt ever knew about him. She sent him to live with his father's parents, who raised him, but they both died before he was full-grown. She supports him financially and writes to him at least once a month. Her current husband, Richard Enjolras, is aware of the boy's existence, but has never met him.
Siblings: Gabriel Enjolras (half-brother). Matthieu has known about him since he was born, but Gabriel did not know he had any siblings until he went to study in Paris and was accosted in a cafe.
Significant Others: He is a well-known figure in many of the more reputable houses of ill repute, but has yet to form any emotional relationship with anyone.
Email/IM: None
Appears In: Several roleplays to date with more promised.
Other Info: He resents Enjolras's existence. They are bound by mutual filial piety, and also by the fact that their mother wants Grantaire to keep an eye on her little darling. This is not to say that he wants to prevent his brother from doing anything political. He watches, as he has been instructed, and is paid for his surveillance.

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