Maurice Enjolras

Typist: Sam Russell
Birthdate: 28 July 1809
Hometown: Lectoure
Appearance: Reasonably tall by the standards of his time with narrow shoulders. His hair is white-blond and his eyes are icy blue. He always dresses immacuately, with careful attention to grooming. He seldom smiles, but when he does it doesn't seem terribly warm or happy. His stare and narrowed eyes would chill most men to the core of their souls.
Parents: Both living.
Siblings: Two younger sisters.
Significant Others: None, though he now lives with Arture Grantaire.
Email/IM: Yahoo! IM: maurice_enjy
Webpage: None
Appears In: Off the Track
Other Info: This is a terribly damaged boy, unstable and dangerous to himself and others. To put it delicately, he was arrested the night before Lamarque's funeral, abused horribly in jail and released a few days after it was all over. His sense of purpose has been seriously impaired and he's the nearest to suicidal his typist has ever seen an Enjolras. Without Grantaire's careful care, he'd doubtless be much worse than he is. At some point, Grantaire gave him a white kitten, which he named Patria. His favorite location in his typist's house is a clothes-filled rocking chair near a second story window. He sits there for hours at a time, and even manages to sleep there most nights. In the short story, he is gradually getting a grasp on stability and finding his feet again. In "reality" the changes are slower in evidence. He is prone to snide comments, violent reactions, and an unusually dense naivete on some subjects.

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