Arture Grantaire

Typist: Rabbit
Birthdate: 7 June, 1807
Hometown: Somewhere in Gascony
Appearance: Looks quite spanish, has a lot of curly dark hair, and a bit of a moustache. Dark eyed; and, interestingly enough, sober.
Parents: Very much similar to Marone-- save that his father (also named Ignace-Etienne) was in fact a Spanish Privateer; on the other side, who got very rich and opened up a vineyard in Bordeaux. His mother is named Helene Valencie Aurore, and she is a delicate French darling, of good, but not exemplary parentage.
Siblings: One older brother, Damien Etienne Duroq Grantaire, a librarian in Lyon; married. Two younger sisters, Rochelle Marion, and Aurore Elena. The vineyard is, we think, to be their respective dowries.
Significant Others: None, though he has many friendships with pretty shopgirls and the like. Rooms with Maurice Enjolras.
Email/IM: Shares his typist's, or his twin's.
Appears In: Crossover RP in Le Café; a story by Arture Grantaire; Off The Track
Other Info: He was once very like Marone-- but as he is a barricade survivor, he is now completely sober. This has only served to make him all the more cynical, and his bitter, sometimes cutting attitude sometimes causes trouble for him. Particularly as he is self-appointed caretaker of possibly the world's most damaged Enjolras, Maurice... He has many talents though-- he plays the guitar, and also writes, quite a bit. Very very quiet boy. Teased too much by Marone; his 'meme'- or twin, sorta. But his typist puts a stop to that. Full name is Arture Valencie Ignace Olivier Grantaire.

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