Marcelin Enjolras

Typist: Adrienne Florian
Birthdate: October, 1810
Hometown: Vezet
Appearance: Tall and slender, his sun-golden hair frames a beautiful face with classic Greek features. Ice blue eyes, so often filled with purest fire at the thoughts of the injustices of society. The pale ivory complexion, combined with chiseled Greek features, gives him the appearance of a statue, erected as a tribute to the Republic he fights for; an image which becomes more believable when one takes into account his chaste dismissal of everything but the Republic.
Parents: Gaston and Estelle
Siblings: None
Significant Others: France, first and foremost; Grantaire, though he'll glare if you bring it up; Combeferre, once.
Webpage: None
Appears In: Many AnkhMUSH roleplays, including Combeferre and Claudette, Feuilly and Dominique, and Thought Experiment; a story, Fallen Devotion.
Other Info: "Driven" is a word that would accurately describe Marcelin. Unwilling, indeed nearly unable, to think of anything but the Republic he's devoted his life to obtaining, he's willing to sacrifice all he has for it. He often has difficulty understanding why those around him are, to his mind, less devoted to the cause of equality for all people. Interestingly enough, his drive for equality doesn't seem to extend to women; he dislikes them immensely, and tries to spend as little time as possible in their presence. His ethereal looks and charismatic nature do not help.

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