Etienne Combeferre

Typist: Quiara
Birthdate: January 14. Inveterate Earth Sign.
Hometown: Not known
Appearance: Medium height and weight, slightly shabby clothes (at least from the viewpoint of Enjolras père), brown hair, charming smile.
Parents: Two very nice people whose names are not known.
Siblings: Some reference has been made to little brothers. They may not exist in some stories.
Significant Others: Either some very lucky unnamed girl or Chantal Marie Enjolras, a.k.a. Christian Caron. Their known offspring include Mathilde Combeferre, b. 1835 or thereabouts. In a completely different story, he has begun an affair with Marcelin Enjolras.
Email/IM: Steals his typist's
Appears In: 'The Saga of Christian Caron', 'Everybody Loves Joly', and other roleplays.
Other Info: He would call God by His first name if he knew it. He treats everyone as equals and friends. Grantaire has been known to call him Saint-Etienne. Also known as EYF, or "Etienne, you flirt".

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