Marcelin Enjolras

Typist: Quiara
Birthdate: March, 1810
Hometown: Vezet
Appearance: He is a young man who looks barely twenty, having just begun to acquire adult muscles to match his stature. His shoulders are not particularly broad. He seems to have been built more for thinking than hard labor. His face is pale, not the pallor of those who avoid the sun, but of those who are not affected by its rays. His features are symmetrical and firmly molded. His blond hair is held at the back of his neck by a ribbon. If it was not, he would certainly be pushing it aside while thinking of something infinitely more important. His eyes always seem to be focused on the horizon, looking away from sordid reality like a Botticelli angel. Emphasizing the pallor of his skin is a rather bright red vest that he seems to have thrown on without thought. Its ornate brass fastenings are all open, exposing the white shirt underneath the vest. His black pants show slightly more care, though they are rumpled. Clothing is certainly not his main concern. For all his intellectual demeanor, he doesn't seem worried about the textbooks he carries, either.
Parents: Gautier and Regine Enjolras
Siblings: Chantal Marie (aka Christian Caron), Elise, Julie
Significant Others: Felicia, the girl who died; Andrzej Javert, Inspector of the Paris Police; Grantaire. Whether Enjolras will admit to the last relationship, or, possibly, live 'happily ever after' with said person, is highly dependent on the mood of the typist. Oh, yes, and Combeferre, once.
Email/IM: Steals his typist's.
Appears In: Lots and lots of roleplays of varying degrees of adherence to the ideas of M. Victor Hugo, including the highly divergent Christian Caron, Growing Pains (with Felicia), Orestes Drunk and Pylades Fasting (with Grantaire).
Other Info: Misogynistic, homophobic, and class-conscious by upbringing, he often attempts to overcome these hardships.

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