Elisabeth Henrietta "Lisette" Ouest

Typist: Jeni Baron
Birthdate: July 7, 1816
Hometown: Paris
Appearance: Varies. She goes from being a dirty little waif with scraggly, dirty blonde hair, to a pudgy pubescent girl in uncomfortable, fashionable dresses and gleaming blonde curls, to a young lady just beginning to develop a womanly body, which she hides under a bulky riding habit, to a scrawny waif again, this time with madness and confusion in her glassy blue eyes. Of course, this last step is dependent upon which universe.
Parents: Father, Etienne Ouest, a former Bonapartist solider, sometimes-laborer, aspiring writer. Eventually, his aspirations are realized, and he becomes a wealthy newspaper editor. It is from him that Lisette gets her interest in the written word. Her mother is an ambitious woman, and I do mean that in a bad way. Years of poverty have taken their toll on her. She wants to elevate her family in society. She wants to see her descendents wear jewels and possibly even a crown, in some future generation. And she doesn't care what it does to her daughter's emotional well-being to get that way. She thinks she's doing it for Lisette's, and her children's, own good.
Siblings: Naught that survived. Lisette was the only one to see her first birthday.
Significant Others: Mostly Jehan. She has an obsessive love for Jehan. Sometimes he's her friend; in the happy-ending story, he even loved her back. As her mind disintegrates, she starts to perceive that he loves her, too, whether he does or not. Once, a young man was able to distract her from thoughts of Jehan and make her love him. A bit too much, perhaps. Lisette doesn't feel anything mildly. The boy had some demons of his own, and the relationship was volatile to say the least. After several miscarriages, suicide attempts, and heated battles, it is apparantly over. Most of the time, she doesn't remember who he is, or who she is, for that matter. Those moments that she does remember him... Well, it takes the entire household to hold her down long enough to sedate her.
Email/IM: lisetteouest@yahoo.com
Yahoo! IM, AIM: LisetteOuest
Webpage: http://www.angelfire.com/pa2/lesmis/lis.html
Appears In: The Sewers of Paris, many RPs which have come and gone, stories which are not yet finished.
Other Info: Lisette currently serves as governess and nurse for Brooke's daughter, Lucianna. How wise this is on Brooke's part... no comment.

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