Brooke Damon

Typist: Christine Jordan
Birthdate: August 28th
Hometown: London, England, but raised in Paris
Appearance: Brooke doesn't exactly define beauty. She has something about her that makes her pretty but she can't figure it out herself. Her hair just touches her shoulders and is deep brown. She has pale skin that never tans and rather startling blue eyes. She's average weight bordering on thin also.
Parents: French-born Avaline Zeile who married the English MacKenzie Damon.
Siblings: As far as we know she has none.
Significant Others: Daughter named Lucianna Elisabeth from her first marriage to Luc Joly. Now currently married to Chandler Courfeyrac.
Email/IM: Shares her typist's
Appears In: Uncounted roleplays
Other Info: Brooke's parents left her in Paris with an Aunt and her cousin MaCaire; through him she met Joly, and that's how she met the other Amis and ended up at the barricades.

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