Luc-Alexandre Joly

Typist: Christine Jordan
Birthdate: January 1809
Hometown: Not known
Appearance: Adorable. Average height, thin but not wiry, clean-cut with hair so dark it's almost black cut neatly over the ears, blue always tired looking eyes and a slightly pale complexion depending on how he feels that day.
Parents: His mother babied him terribly, to the point where the already sickly child became a hypochondriac. His father wasn't thrilled with his weaknesses and made sure his son knew how he felt, causing Luc's already low self-esteem to sink even lower.
Siblings: None
Significant Others: Luc has an ever powerful love for Musichetta, one so great that he left his pregnant wife (Brooke Damon) to be with her. He is now the father of a healthy girl, Lucianna Elisabeth Joly.
Appears In: Various roleplays.
Other Info: None

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