Valeska Stelmaczyk Grantaire

Typist: Jeni Baron
Birthdate: August 11, 1824
Hometown: Warsaw, Poland
Appearance: Thin, dark-haired, whatever color eyes the Grantaire in question has. Her face is rather odd, a mixture of Grantaire's features and her pretty Mama's. She's got just enough of her mother's looks to be attractive. Usually dressed in rags, with a sad look that hardens to bitterness as time passes. She tends to act very carefree, however, and she does have a light, childish spirit, on those occasions when she manages to forget her troubles.
Parents: Grantaire -- so far, she's played with Darcel, François, and Remi -- and Jolanta Stelmaczyk.
Siblings: On her mother's side, no... We hope none.
Significant Others: Unrequited crush on Enjolras. In one universe, she's a prostitute who has a relationship of sorts with Montparnasse, and is expecting a child. Heaven only knows what's going to happen there.
Appears In: Someone To Watch Over Me, many RPs and unfinished stories.
Other Info: None

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