Remi Grantaire

Typist: Jeni Baron
Birthdate: June 21, 1803
Hometown: Bourges
Appearance: He'd be merely plain if he smiled. However, he's usually scowling, and therefore ugly. Medium brown hair, brown eyes, on the short side of average, medium build. Very easy to lose in a crowd.
Parents: Mother: Martine Renault Grantaire. Died in 1814 of influenza. Although she was very pretty, Remi does resemble her somewhat, particularly in coloring and nose structure. Father: Damien Grantaire. He's a lawyer, and he's blond, but don't think that has anything to do with Remi's admiration of Enjolras. Really. It doesn't. Père Grantaire seems fond enough of his son, while he's away in Paris, and pays well to keep him there.
Siblings: One sister, Corinne, born in 1807. She looks exactly like her Maman. Is currently keeping house for Papa and becoming an old maid in doing so. Papa doesn't seem to mind, and also doesn't seem to mind that she minds.
Significant Others: Jolanta, Polish artist, probably the only girl who ever loved him, and mother to the apple of his eye, Valeska. An occasional fling with Fricassee, when one or the other of them is lonely, sad, or just bored.
Webpage: None yet
Appears In: "Blood of Angry Women"
Other Info: The man's got Issues, and that's all we know for now, mainly because Jeni doesn't get into his head very often or very deeply.

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