Musichetta Dubois

Typist: Laura Waterstripe
Birthdate: 1813
Hometown: Paris
Appearance: She is rather short, slightly plump, smiling, brown-haired, blue-eyed, well-endowed in the bosom department, flirtatious, and well-dressed.
Parents: A more or less loose woman and the man who kept her. The system worked so well that Musichetta took inspiration.
Siblings: After 'chetta was born, her parents decided to be more careful. They may even have been married, for a while, at least, but there were no more fruits of their immoral union.
Significant Others: Alexandre Joly and/or Bossuet (aka L'Aigle aka Lesgles). In 'The Saga of Christian Caron' (oft cited story, isn't it?) they produce The Child with Three Parents, Alissandre Lesgles, b. 1834. Alisse, unfortunately, looks exactly like her mother and no one else. Alisse is also an incorrigible flirt, much like 'chetta and Joly.
Email/IM: Shares her typist's
Webpage: None
Appears In: One of Three, Christian Caron, various RPs
Other Info: Not available

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