Marie-Noelle Veron

Typist: Becca Courfeyrac
Birthdate: May 30, 1813
Hometown: Paris
Appearance: Average height, but with long legs that make her look taller than she is. She has graceful arms and small hands and feet. She also has dark hair and eyes, and an angular face (think Gelsey Kirkland).
Parents: Celine(1785-1813): A quiet, gentle woman who died shortly after Marie-Noelle was born, and Emil(1780-1827). Before Celine's death he was a happy, bohemian artist who was madly in love with his young wife. Her death left him not only heartbroken, but with two young daughters that he had no idea how to take care of. From then on, he took odd jobs to keep them comfortable until his death in 1827.
Siblings: Suzanne(1803-?): The one who basically raised Noelle. From the time her mother died, she was the one who ran her household, cooking, cleaning, watching Noelle as a baby, and even giving some of her basic education. She always resented her father a bit for not helping more in raising either of them.
Significant Others: About a year before the barricades she meets and falls in love with Jean Provaire. They are a couple for a short time, and his death leaves her heartbroken.
Email/IM: None
Webpage: None yet
Appears In: Let It Be a Dance
Other Info: Noelle has wanted to be a dancer all her life. Even when she was a little girl she would sneak into the Paris Opera to watch the ballerinas dance, even if it was just a rehersal. From then on she swore she would someday be a dancer. She got a neighbor of hers to teach her, and in 1826 she made her own debut in the corps of the Paris Ballet. From there, though, she never advanced very far, and she struggled to keep her dancing career.

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