Jeanne Grantaire

Typists: Abby Goutal and Quiara
Birthdate: February 3, 1808
Hometown: Somewhere dingy.
Appearance: She is not pretty. Her face is often haggard and dirty, but she tries to keep her hands and clothing somewhat clean. Her husband does not make enough money to feed and clothe five people in anything approaching style. Her appearance and those of her children reflect that. Her hair is brown and often pulled back severely to keep it out of her way. She almost always carries a baby in her arms or on her hip, because she has nothing else to do with the children but watch them all herself. She often has black circles under her eyes from lack of rest, but she has none of the characteristic marks of abuse. Her brother would certainly retaliate if he saw anything of the sort. Not that she would visit him while the bruises showed...
Parents: Papa (Emile Grantaire) was always drunk. Maman (Madeleine) did the best she could, but, really, with seven children, it wasn't good enough. They were always broke. The money in the family belonged to Great-Aunt Claudette Lambert, but, unfortunately, Grandmama married poorly, and so did Maman.
Siblings: The one you've heard of is Francois Grantaire (now he's dead, now he's not, now he's married to Enjolras). Another semi-significant one is Clarisse, who's a brainless little fluff who hasn't seemed to learn from her mother, her sister, or anything, really. Other sisters are Paulette and Marie.
Significant Others: Married Marc Tirmont in 1824 while pregnant with Gigi (b. 1825). Other children are Jacques, b. 1828, and Robert, b. 1830. Tirmont died in the barricades of 1832 in 'The Saga of Christian Caron,' leaving Jeanne a widow. She had a budding friendship with Paul Feuilly which may or may not have risen to the level of significance. Neither of them admit to anything, and if anything happened, it had dissolved by 1848.
Email/IM: Steals her typists', or her brother's.
Webpage: None
Appears In: Turning, The Belle of Le Musain, The Saga of Christian Caron
Other Info: She is very close to her well-known brother, particularly because they were the surrogate parents of their other siblings. She teases him unmercifully, and he takes it well.

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