Paul Feuilly

Typist: Abby Goutal
Birthdate: 1807
Hometown: Born in Bordeaux, raised in a smallish obscure town.
Appearance: Short and slight and fine-boned, with dark hair, given to curls; dark eyes; dusky complexion. Good-looking in a sharp-featured way. (artist's interpretation)
Parents: Michel and Catherine, both d. 1809. Foster mother, Marie Lenoir, a kindly, middle-aged widow and neighbor of the family, died 1824.
Siblings: None.
Significant Others: A slightly empty-headed seamstress named Lise. Sometimes and abortively, Jeanne Tirmont, née Grantaire. Sometimes and more seriously, one Mlle. Dominique Lambert. Sometimes others.
Appears In: The Saga of Christian Caron, Feuilly and Dominique, Little One (forthcoming), one very weird Le Cafe roleplay
Other Info: Taciturn, impassive, and given to carving his initals and such into the Musain's innocent furniture. Call him "Paulin" without permission and you take your chances. Let him live long enough, and he becomes a bitter cynic with a deathwish; he denies all slanderous rumors about his adventures in outer space.

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