Therese Guyon

Typist: Krista Lindemann
Birthdate: October 23, 1810
Hometown: Paris
Appearance: Very tall (nearly 5'8") and slim. One could almost say skinny, but not quite. Moves with a natural sort of grace. Black shoulder-length hair, usually worn back with a handkerchief. Blue-green eyes, dark lashes, average face.
Parents: Marianne (deceased) and Albert-Paul Guyon
Siblings: None
Significant Others: Daniel Lesgle (Bossuet)
Email/IM: None
Webpage: (roleplaying homepage)
Appears In: Various roleplays at, and unfinished fanfic.
Other Info: Coming from a family of revolutionaries (her paternal grandparents claim to have known Marat personally), Therese has always vaguely felt it was something of a familial obligation to be politically involved. When she was 16, she met a man nearly fifteen years her senior named Jacques Lancret, who not only became her lover, but awakened a true revolutionary spirit in her--as opposed to the simplistic 'duty' she'd previously felt. Together Jacques and Therese formed a small revolutionary group similar to Les Amis, but in the winter of 1829, Jacques turned the entire group--including Therese who was pregnant with his child--in to the police in exchange for his own freedom. After two harrowing months in prison, during which she lost the baby (along with her ability to have children at all), Therese's father paid her bail and nursed her back to health. Too weak to participate in the 1830 uprisings, Therese still vowed that she would try to finish what she'd started, despite her father's objections. This is what led her, somewhat by accident, to Les Amis and the arms of her unlucky lover/fiance, Bossuet.

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