Zephyrine Elisabeth Grantaire

Typist: Abby Goutal
Birthdate: November 10, 1807
Hometown: Not currently known.
Appearance: Nature favored her for the part: exceptionally tall for a woman, angular, though fine-boned, and never anything but plain, even for a boy. Far too thin, and dark-eyed; her hair is dark and unruly, her voice a husky contralto.
Parents: Norbert and Lucile, both deceased.
Siblings: An older brother, Jerome, who died not long after their parents. A younger sister, Angelique, living with their grandfather.
Significant Others: Not likely.
Email/IM: zephyrine@drunkstudent.co.uk
Webpage: None at this time.
Appears In: Assorted roleplays, including this, this, this.
Other Info: She's a she. ;) Perhaps the ideal counterpart to Raisa-Emilie Enjolras, Zéphyrine has taken on her brother's identity, at least in part to avoid becoming, like her sister, a dutiful orphaned ward bound probably for a convent. Yes, she drinks. Yes, she rants. Yes, she hits on waitresses, but only for effect.

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