Chretien Joly

Typist: Catherine Lafontaine
Birthdate: 1808
Hometown: Somewhere too obscure to be pinpointed on a map.
Appearance: Tall, lanky, awkward, and startlingly pale. His hair is an uneasy compromise between blond and faded red, and tends to turn unruly in the least humidity; his eyes are greenish blue-grey, a trifle nearsighted. His hands are a bit too large for his wrists, his nose a bit too large for his face; he has at all times an expression of tension, whether conveyed by nervousness, brittle pique, or slightly manic cheer.
Parents: Benoit and Véronique
Siblings: Marie-Madeleine, Baptiste, Anne, and Louis, all of whom are appreciably younger.
Significant Others: Musichetta. And Théophile Lesgle, insofar as they are good friends and often sleep together. This is not to say that they usually do more than sleep.
Email/IM: N/A
Webpage: N/A
Appears In: A Wasps' Nest
Other Info: Chrétien is chronically nervous, something which the peculiar habits of his Society does nothing to alleviate. He holds himself somewhat aloof from the rest of them, except for Bossuet, to whom he has a fierce attachment. Extremely touchy at times, but more out of generalized paranoia than any self-esteem or lack thereof.

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