Hercule "Merecule" Chauvert

Typist: Rabbit
Birthdate: 27 October, 1804
Hometown: the Catalans, originally. But the boy'd call his Nationality "Parisian".
Appearance: He has full lips and skin that borders of Olive, there is Spanish blood in his veins not further back than a grandmother. He is 28, quite tall, (Javert's height or a bit taller), with dark amber hair and hazel eyes. When not in uniform, he dresses more like the student he was before he joined the force, neither rich nor poor, deliberatly disheveled, and if he sometimes affects the manner of a dandy it is because of his good humor, and NEVER in his dress. He prefers black, red, and navy blue, and, yes, affects a woolen greatcoat.
Parents: Heloise and Hercule Chauvert; the very pettiest of petty bourgeois. Think 19th century Catalan po'crackers who came into just enough money to move just outside Paris.
Siblings: Two younger brothers, Artur and Remy, both of whom joined the army under Bourbon rule, and who support their parents thusly. Dual pains in Merecule's tush. Also a littlest sister, Amparo, named for his maternal grandmother, who is a quiet and beautiful young thing; and her suitor, Angelique, a warden at Les Madelonnettes.
Significant Others: Well--not significant, anyway. There's his... social club, the Sons of Bacchus; the less said about which, the better. He has a daughter, Moira, which was the result of a night of devil-may-carity with a young soldier who turned out to be a cantinère, ostensibly named Marcelline. Oh wait, there is one who holds a special place in his affections; a certain sideburned Inspector...
Email/IM: Shares typist's
Webpage: http://gurlpages.com/rabsjavert/lesrps.html
Appears In: Le Café, on occasion. AnkhMUSH, sometimes. IM, more frequently.
Other Info: Merecule, called that due to a tendency to make them happen, is a libertine and a loafer, and alltogether a complete disgrace to the Paris police force. During the day he is a officer of little rank, in spite of his eight years of service--this is due in part to his tendency to annoy those in high places. He joined the force for the same reasons that Enjolras became a revolutionary--and then, because be was amiable and really a good fellow, ceased to care. He is a royalist sympathetic to the republic, and is really only on duty when he fancies to be--and hardly even then. Sent to spy on a band of revolutionaries, he will more often than not buy thim drinks, and offer to take one or more of them home. Hopefully, his roommate Gros-René is at synagogue that evening...

To his credit, his stint with the police has had the same end as Grantaire is a student; he knows where Everything is in Paris, and what is the very Best. He is fond of puns, jokes, conversation and drink. His taste is excellent, his manner irreverent, and he has always a good-natured, contented air.

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