Jean Damien Prouvaire

Typist: Abby Goutal
Birthdate: 1810
Hometown: Not known
Appearance: Slight and on the gangly side, being barely out of his adolescence; light-brown hair, usually overlong and untidy; soft grey eyes; moderately good-looking in a rather delicate way.
Parents: Damien and Margot.
Siblings: There might be an older sister, Elisabeth, or there might not. Research is ongoing.
Significant Others: Varies monthly. One iteration of him is sleeping off and on with Bahorel, but only to scare you.
Email/IM: None at this time.
Webpage: None
Appears In: Cross Purposes; various AnkhMUSH RPs, including the Caron Saga; Good Humor and Bad Company.
Other Info: Quiet by nature, extremely shy as a teenager; later, more outgoing, not to say a flirt. Tends to get endearingly carried away with enthusiasm; in many respects he seems substantially younger than his friends. He looks up to Combeferre and Enjolras to no end, though if they ever conflict, he'll side with Combeferre.

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