Christophe Bahorel

Typist: Petronelle Lemaitre
Birthdate: 1801
Hometown: Carcassonne
Appearance: He is well over six feet tall and powerfully built, although as he enjoys the luxuries of Paris and grows a bit too old to behave in the manner to which he has become accustomed, he is acquiring a bit of a bourgeois paunch. If anyone should mention this, they would be shouted down and, if it were not one of his friends, punished for their insolence. He is generally imposing. His nose has been broken several times, which does not make him handsome; however, he has all of his teeth, which is more than can be said for his erstwhile opponents. He has a broad grin that turns into a smirk very readily.
Parents: Bellamy and Liliane, proprietors of a large farm. They have been impressed by Christophe since he was a small child and discovered a mathematical error in his parents' accounts that saved them about five hundred francs that they would otherwise have paid to a less-than-honest neighbor.
Siblings: Amalie (b. 1795, m. 1813), who lives in the village with her parents. She has three children who love their uncle Christophe. Bellamy (fils) (b. 1797, m. 1817) also lives near the parents. Illiterate (as is his spouse). Farms part of their land, which he will inherit. Arnaud (b. 1798, m. 1825), shepherd, lives near maman and papa. Poor as a churchmouse. Annelle (b. 1805, m. 1822). The hired man got her pregnant. It was quite the scandal. Claude (b. 1809, m. 1828) fell in love with the daughter of a rich landowner in the next village over. His parents are proud of him. Fabrice (b. 1813) idolizes Christophe, and would like to be allowed to study in the City of Lights like his brother. It is not likely that his family will have the funds (nor, after 1832, the heart) to send him away.
Significant Others: Jean-Thierry Prouvaire, Aimery Courfeyrac, an assortment of girls, and the rest of Les Amis to the extent of a night (or two, in some cases).
Email/IM: N/A
Appears In: A Wasps' Nest
Other Info: Christophe is most lucky in that he has found himself a Prouvaire who is as peculiar in bed as he is, except in the opposite direction. Also, Aimery Courfeyrac is a Very Naughty Boy. Christophe approves heartily. As for the politics -- he approves of that, too. Monsieur does not subscribe to Make Love, Not War unless it is very, very good sex.

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