Jean-Thierry Prouvaire

Typist: Petronelle Lemaitre
Birthdate: 1810
Hometown: Chambery
Appearance: Quite short. Slight of build. Anime-big blue eyes, when he sees fit to deploy them. Curly, dark hair. A winning smile, and what has been described as a fetching pout. Clothes that are often mismatched and clashing in colors, and as often rumpled.
Parents: Richard and Giselle. The former wanted his only son to be a famous doctor, but gave that up when Jehan was 10 and sprained his arm falling from a tree. He had been watching a robin's nest, and he fainted not from the pain of the fall, but, to hear him tell it, from the emotional pain of discovering that one of the fledglings was dead. His mother is proud of her literate darling. She encouraged him to leave home early, and seek fame in Paris. He writes to her often, with increasing bowdlerizing of the letters and events in his life.
Siblings: None.
Significant Others: Théophile Laigle, Aimery Courfeyrac, Audric Combeferre, Christophe Bahorel, Julien Enjolras, Daniel Feuilly, and Chrétien Joly, in that order of significance.
Email/IM: N/A
Appears In: A Wasps' Nest
Other Info: He occasionally has a flash of masculine dignity. However, this is generally subsumed in a squeak when one of his lov -- er, friends -- teases him about it. He would like Joly better if the fellow hadn't stolen away his Bossuet. Jehan was the first Ami to be initiated into Julien and Audric's den of cronies.

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