Audric Combeferre

Typist: Petronelle Lemaitre
Birthdate: 1808
Hometown: Nice
Appearance: Brunet, somewhat flyaway hair. Medium shoulders, slightly plump -- in a way that is more dimply-charming than anything. Dresses simply, often in brown, which suits him and highlights his eyes pleasantly. He's a little shorter than most of his compatriots, but not unduly so.
Parents: Two very loving people by the names of Brigitte and Léon, who showered him with affection and turned a blind eye when he was playing 'Medecin' with the neighbor boy at the age of 8, and then again at 15.
Siblings: A sister, Clarisse, on whom he dotes. She is seven years his junior.
Significant Others: Ay, there's the rub. Julien Enjolras, Aimery Courfeyrac, Jean-Thierry Prouvaire, Théophile Laigle, Christophe Bahorel, Chrétien Joly, Daniel Feuilly. In that order of significance, approximately, and an emphasis on the first two.
Email/IM: N/A
Appears In: Various chapters of A Wasps' Nest (linked above).
Other Info: It was his idea for his beloved (Julien) to start the whole Fraternité, and to implement a rather intimate ceremony to initiate people (see: significant others).

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