Aimery Courfeyrac

Typist: Catherine Lafontaine
Birthdate: July 12, 1806
Hometown: Toulouse. When you're given a parallel, exploit it for all it's worth.
Appearance: Dark-auburn hair (which likes to curl, rather to his chagrin), eyes of slate-colour and perpetual twinkle, fair-complected, average height, a tad on the thin side (although this may start to change when he's thirty or so), features just irregular enough to be absolutely charming, and in short, if he were female, Cathy wouldn't be able to show her face in public.
Parents: Gilbert de Courfeyrac is the pleasant but indolent sort of man who, in the abstract, drives his son up the wall. His wife Justine is a pretty but mousy lady who stands rather in awe of her menfolk. Poor dear.
Siblings: Lucie-Elisabeth, b. 1803, married and childless; and Guy, b. 1810, something of a brat. Not that his brother isn't.
Significant Others: Audric Combeferre and Julien Enjolras; Jean-Thierry Prouvaire, Christophe Bahorel, and the rest of the lot. He's got rather a thing for Daniel Feuilly, if he absolutely had to choose. Then there are the girls, who aren't nearly so significant.
Webpage: N/A
Appears In: A Wasps' Nest, and Just Causes by implication.
Other Info: Aimery combines an active social conscience with a complete lack of personal inhibition, which an astonishing number of people find endearing. He is familiarly referred to as "Aimé", with good cause.

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