Daniel Feuilly

Typist: Petronelle Lemaitre
Birthdate: 1805
Hometown: Puyricard
Appearance: Rather tall and gangly. May have blond hair, but when modern people are described as having dirty blond hair, they don't mean it the way he does. He really does have dirty, blond hair, but in a punk sort of way, due to his habit of running his fingers through his hair while he thinks -- about politics, about Poland, about love, about the next thing to draw on that fan -- now where's that paintbrush? He has broad shoulders, but no musculature to speak of. He has a tendency to slouch and make himself less obvious in a room than he might otherwise be, except when he is speaking. When he expostulates or pontificates, his posture improves a great deal.
Parents: Bartélémy and Joséphine, both deceased. They came down with cholera when he was twelve. Everyone was afraid that Daniel would get it, too, so they sent him to his uncle, who lives much closer to Paris. His parents and brothers died, and he survived. He feels guilty about this when he has had too much to drink.
Siblings: Cyprien, died at the age of 3, and Avent, died at the age of 2 months. Neither was old enough to travel with him.
Significant Others: Aimery Courfeyrac, and also, at approximately the same level of significance, Audric Combeferre, Julien Enjolras, Jean-Thierry Prouvaire, Théophile Laigle, Chrétien Joly, Christophe Bahorel. Nevertheless, he is heterosexual. He does not maintain a relationship with any young ladies, as he has not enough money to do so. None of the liaisons with any of Les Amis is more than a casual friendship, and he has only had relations with them once -- and no, not all at once.
Email/IM: N/A
Webpage: http://wasps-nest.diaryland.com
Appears In: A Wasps' Nest, Just Causes
Other Info: The reason he slept with any males at all was because it was required to get into the clubhouse, and he thinks they -- particularly Julien Enjolras and Audric Combeferre -- are brilliant. He admits that he will occasionally snuggle Aimery Courfeyrac, in a platonic sort of way, and if Aimery wants anything more than that, he doesn't mention it, and he doesn't get it.

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