Henri Tessier-Lavigne

Typist: Sam Russell
Birthdate: 1803
Hometown: near Le Mans
Appearance: Tall, broad-shouldered, with somewhat shaggy, dark blond hair. He dresses very stylishly with a penchant for blue and brown. Obviously gentry but with a deceptively laid-back manner.
Parents: Father, Joachim Bernard Tessier-Lavigne, is in his sixties and completely bedridden from a stroke a few years ago. He owns several food canneries in large cities around France (none in Paris) plus a surprisingly large shipping/carting business. His first wife, Juliet Louisa née Drouet, was Henri's mother. His second gave him Alain. His current wife, Hermione Philippa née Trent is hardly older than her older stepson.
Siblings: One younger half-brother, Alain, whom he is teaching the family busiess.
Significant Others: In BTB, he's widowed and engaged to Michel Victor's young sister, Katrine. In his roleplay, he's also widowed with a young daughter, and slowly falling in love with the fierce Raisa Enjolras. We'll have to see what happens there.
Email/IM: Shares his typist's
Webpage: None
Appears In: Eventually, he'll be seen in Beyond the Barricade. Keep an eye out for him in Chapter 6. He's also in the Le Cafe roleplay, Enjolras's Big Secret.
Other Info: Henri is more a realist than an idealist. He is in full sympathy with the Republican cause, yet does not care to fight with them. In BTB, he was a regular secret donor to the major secret societies of the day. As his father's general manager, he has a lot of autonomy with the family funds and time to do what his conscience dictates, so long as he does not bring the family to scandal by letting himself be publicly associated with the Republican cause. In the roleplay, he will likely end up at the barricade for either Raisa or his brother's sake.

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